But if there is one number that SHOULD be retired,Chris Hogan Jersey, it’s #5 — the number worn for so long and so well by running back Paul Hornung — another of the Packers 1960s players who have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.Michael Bennett Jersey. Some of you may remember when quarterback Don Majkowski was issued #5 way back in his first season and the fallout that occurred.Sean Davis Jersey. Because of the backlash from Packers Nation,Jeremy Hill Jersey, Majkowski ditched #5 and instead took on #7.Daryl Washington Jersey. That reaction from fans was nearly 30 years ago — a time when Hornung’s memory was fresher in the minds of fans.C.J. Anderson Jersey. Thirty years removed,Darren McFadden Jersey, if a player is to be issued that number,Andre Williams Jersey, I’m not sure the reaction would be as intense.Julius Peppers Jersey. That’s why that number should be the only considered for retirement for the Green Bay Packers … and they should do it while the “Golden Boy” is still among us.Stephen Hill Jersey. But why Hornung? Well, if you’re not familiar with his career, let’s get you caught up. You’ve probably seen his image in pictures of the famed Packers Sweep of the 1960s. With Fuzzy Thurston and Jerry Kramer leading the sweep, you will see Hornung poised and waiting for the hold to open so he could “run to daylight.” But there was much more to Hornung’s career … let’s take a better look at why Hornung’s number should be considered for retirement … turn the page.